Hello cruisers and liveaboards!

interviewThank you very much for visiting my interview page. I really appreciate that!!! My name is Alexander (aka Captain Sailnator) and on my website I usually deal with how to learn to sail. But I also show people what happens afterwards. Many people have the dream to buy a boat, live aboard and/or to sail the world, but they don’t now how and how to afford it. At this point your experience comes into the play. I would like to ask you how you did it and to tell people about it.

For that I created a kind of interview that you find down below. It is only a frame to help you to introduce yourself and to tell your story. Just answer 7 or 9 of the questions below (or more if you want) that fit to your situation. You can change the order or just skip questions or/and ad some new questions if you have the feeling they better tell your story. You know the best what people want to know about you from the comments on youtube/facbook etc. Or take a text that tells your story you already have, for example from your website. Send it to me, I will create an interview of it!

Here some examples of Interviews that are already published →

Now the interview:

Create a headline for your interview, including your (boats?/channel?) name!
(Something like: Sailing SV XYZ or: Live aboard XYZ)
Who are you? (Introduce yourself in detail, tell your story, who sails/lives with you? partner/crew/pets)
How did you get the idea to cruise or to live aboard?
Was it a spontaneous idea or a process?
What did your friends and parents say about your plans?
What did you do with your house, car, stuff?
How (and when) did you learn to sail?
What kind of sailing experience did you have before you bought your boat?
How could you afford it?
What kind of boat do you have? (name of the boat, brand, year, width, length, shape, hull, draft, etc. any special?)
Why did you decide to buy just this one!
How did you find it? (Tell the story how you bought it)
Did you have the help of an agent or of a surveyor?
Which obvious problems did the boat have?
Which hidden problems did you find later by refitting the boat?
What did you repair/replace/change by the refit and how long did it take?
What kind of learning curve did you have during the refit?
Did the refit influence the relationship to your partner? (Ups and downs)
Did you live on the boat during the refit and do you recommend that experience?
Was the refit on the expected budjet or was it more expensive?
How much was the boat all in all and how much does it cost to maintain it (per year)?
Do you have any advices for sailing on a budjet?
What are you doing for a living? How do you finance cruising/living aboard? How did you save money to buy a boat?
Where have you already been? – What are your future plans? (Tell your story!)
Where/How do you publish your adventures / life on board etc. ? Links to your:
Youtube Channel:
What is your intension by sharing your life?
What is the backside of cruising/living aboard? (Tell us about the ups and downs.)
Would you do again what you did so far?
What would you do different?
What was your worst sailing experience?
What was your best/greatest sailing experience?
Which destination/country/achorage did you like the most? (Why? Tell a story)
Which destination(s) is(are) still on your bucket list?
How does a normal day on board looks like? (Which problems have to be solved)
How much of your time in percent do you spend sailing and how much moored?
How do you prepare yourself for a trip?
Where do you get information about the weather?
How do you get information about the countries you sail to?
How do you navigate? (charts, plotter, apps …)
Other questions you are often asked?
What do you recommend to people who have the dream to cruise or to live aboard? (tips and tricks, attitude of life)
Closing statement – advice – acknowledgement – hint to subscribe to your channels
Which is your favorite youtube-video, that introduces you the best? Link:
Attach 4 or 5 nice photos to your reply-email!

Thank you very very much!!! Email the interview to my emailadress:


(replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . ) Attach 4 or 5 photos to the email that fit best to your story. (minimum width 800 dpi, landscape format only) For example one of you, one of the boat when you bought it, one after the refit or during the refit, if you are not finished yet. Photos of you and your boat in nice places. By sending me interview and photos you allow me to publish it for free on! If there are any problems with the email inform me via this contact-form: If you have any suggestions let me know!!!


I created a special site with a list of all collaborating cruisers and links to their blogs and social media in order they answer to the interview!!! Be the next one!

Thank you very much, fair winds, Captain Sailnator