Starting Yachting

You are dreaming of being a skipper on a yacht, but you first want to test, if you really like it? You already sailed on a yacht, but you did not really understand what the others were doing? Or you sail a dinghy or a small keelboat and want to switch to yacht sailing. Then the RYA “Starting Yachting” course might be the right one for you. In this course you get the basic knowledge of yachting.

The accommodation for the “Starting Yachting” course is either on land or on-board of a yacht. Mostly you return to the same harbour for the night. At the beginning of the course you should get a fundamental briefing of the boat and its emergency equipment. The theory is mostly limited to the bare necessities. The course is often more focused on the practical aspect of sailing. You should get a feeling for the yacht and the fun of sailing is at the forefront.

To the practical part belong the basics of: being underway, rope work, docking and undocking and the sailing manoeuvres. You learn how to steer the yacht and get an introduction to the equipment on-board. While sailing you collect miles that are needed as pre-course experience for the next certifications. If you are the holder of a RYA “Start Yachting” certificate you can complete the RYA “Competent Crew” course in reduced time.

In the “Competent Crew” course you really get to know a yacht and experience living on board. Sailing schools recognised by the American Sailing Association and by the US Sailing Association offer similar but not the same courses.

“Start Yachting” courses and “Competent Crew” courses are often offered on weekends. It is also possible that the “Competent Crew” course lasts a week in one piece. You can join it alone, with a friend or with your partner. Combine the yachting courses with a holiday. For example in the sunny South or on native coasts. There are a lot of opportunities.

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