The Taster Course

The taster course is the easiest way to slowly approach this fascinating sport. You probably stood on the shore and thought when watching the sailboats gliding over the water: “I would like to try that out too!” This is exactly what happens at the sailing trial course.

In the company of an experienced sailing instructor you go on board. After a short introduction you will hoist the sails and leave the dock. You slide over the water and feel the wind and the waves. You will get a feeling for the boat after a few minutes on the water. You are allowed to try out everything.

You operate the sails and steer the boat on your own for a time. You sail the different points of sail, but also the first manoeuvres. Maybe you go to the limits of the boat for a short time and realise how much fun that can be. Because the instructor is on-board everything stays absolutely relaxed and you can concentrate on enjoying the new impressions.

Sailing trial courses are offered after work or on weekends. Such a course might last some hours, a whole day or even two days. The more time you take for it the surer you are afterwards that sailing is the sport you want to learn to.

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