Rolling Hitch (Stopper Hitch)

In this post I show how to tie the rolling hitch with words, images and on video. We use the rolling hitch for example if we want to attach a line to another line that is tensed. For example when several boats are supposed to be towed with one single line. It is possible to shift the knot on the line in one direction and to the other direction it stops.

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Follow these steps for tying the rolling hitch: Again, I tie a figure-eight knot in the end of my line and imagine it is a boat that has to be towed. Before I start I think about in which direction the boat will be towed and from which direction the tension on the line comes from.

I put my line over the towing line and grab underneath the towing line with my right Hand.


I take the end of the line up towards me and cross my line in the direction that the boat will be towed to.


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When the boat will be towed to the right, I cross the line to the right. When the boat will be towed to the left, I cross the line to the left. I assume now that the boat will be towed to the right side and cross the line in this direction. I repeat the process …


… and wrap my line around a second time.


Now I put my left forefinger on the towing line and wrap it so that if I pull it back a loop emerges. I stick the end of the line directly through this loop, …


… without wrapping the other part of the line once again. Now the rolling hitch is finished.


Practice the rolling hitch till you are able to tie it with closed eyes.

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