Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

In this post I show how to tie one and a half round turns and two half hitches with words, images and on video. We use the round turn and two half hitches for example to attach a line to a ring or a grommet.

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Follow these steps for tying the round turn and two half hitches: Now I put the loose part of my line over the transverse line that I call ring from now on. With my right hand I grab below the ring …


… and wrap the line …


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… around the ring once again. That are one and a half round turns now. I wrapped the line one and a half times around the ring.


I take the loose part below the ring with my right hand and put it above the moored part of the line. That gives me a loop between the moored and the loose part of the line.


Now I take the tail with the left hand and stick it through the loop from below. Now I tighten it a little bit.


Then I cross the moored part once again with the loose part from top right to bottom left and again leave a loop.


With the loose part I go underneath the moored part and stick the tail trough the loop.


Now the round turn and two half hitches is finished.


Practice the one and a half round turns and two half hitches till you are able to tie it with closed eyes. It is a good exercise to tie a bowline knot on one end of your line and imagine this is the ring. Then you tie a round turn and two half hitches with the other end of the line on it.

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