Captain Sailnator drifts away from the jetty with his powerboat because the docking line fell into the water. Now the Captain has to take a bath. He leaves his beloved megaphone on the jetty and jumps head first into the water.

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The line is rescued quickly. Harbourmaster Peter should now pull the Captain out of the water. But Peter notes that he cannot drive to save Captain Sailnator’s powerboat without his spark plug. So the Captain has to dive in again. Back on the jetty he gives the spark plug to Peter and sends him away to rescue his boat. At this moment Jenny and Tom are sailing back to the dock. Jenny skilfully tacks around the powerboat. She is sailing on a course in an angle of 90 degrees to the true wind. She is watching the flag on top of the buoy to see where the true wind comes from.

She sails the course in a boat’s length distance parallel to the windward- leeward- line. Then she shoots up head to wind. Tom steps from the deck on the jetty and holds the boat on the forestay. The jib luffs and the boom is exactly in the middle. “Well done, Jenny”! Captain Sailnator is proud of her. She did everything like they learned it before.

Harbourmaster Peter now comes back with the two powerboats and immediately has something to complain about. Jenny and Tom should secure the sails and clear the deck. But Captain Sailnator says: “If anybody gives a command then it is me. Secure the sails and clear the deck!” Then he leaves the jetty to put on dry clothes.

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