Man overboard

Captain Sailnator wants to show “Man overboard” to the audience today. Everything Jenny and Tom learned till now in their sailing course is part of this man oeuvre.

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Captain Sailnator drops the anchor of his powerboat and Jenny docks on his port side perfectly by shooting up head to wind. They take the buoy and Tom backs the jib. Jenny takes a seat on the other side of the boat and pushes away the tiller. That is the way they leave.

They are told to throw the buoy overboard while sailing course close-hauled and catch it after a quick-turn by shooting up head into wind. Unfortunately Jenny bears away too far. She moves through the wind with the stern by accident. The boom swings from starboard to port side. Jenny just about ducks and luckily the boat does not capsize.

Captain Sailnator explains: “That was an accidental jibe!” Jenny should not bear away so far to prepare for the quick-turn. When the boat stops heeling and the jib collapses it is time to head up a little bit straight away. Now Jenny has to pass the buoy and act as if it was thrown into the water.

This time Jenny observes all the signs. She only watches the sails. She picks Tom as lookout and he does nothing else apart from keeping the buoy in sight. She sails a perfect quick-turn but the boat does not get close enough to the buoy after shooting up. Captain Sailnator explains: “If you don’t shoot up directly but nearly up head to wind you can haul the sheets now to get closer to the buoy!”

Tom believes that he can reach the buoy nevertheless. Meanwhile the boat has turned a little bit. It is in irons and out of control. It already gets wind from port side. As Tom stands up the boat heels to starboard und the boom pushes him overboard. “Ha ha! Sailing is a water sport!” laughs Captain Sailnator. But he has a word of advice too: “By shooting nearly up head to wind and catching the buoy windwards of the boat the boom will fall leewards and will not bother you anymore!” Jenny pulls Tom back on board at the stern. That prevents the boat from capsizing. And then they try the manoeuvre once again.

This time they do not shoot up directly. Tom releases the jib sheet on their way to the buoy. If clew and tack of the jib and the buoy line up Jenny releases the mainsheet as well and steers in the direction of the buoy. The sails are blown leeward by the wind and Tom can pick up the buoy windward without trouble.

Great. But where is Harbourmaster Peter? In fact, he went to London wearing his pirate costume to join the Notting Hill Carnival. Captain Sailnator is excited about what Peter will tell him about his experiences later.

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