Sailing up head to wind

Captain Sailnator wants to show how to sail up head to wind today and perfectly stop a sailboat pinpoint. For that he throws the buoy into the water. He does not drop the anchor today because he is afraid of forgetting it again later on.

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Jenny and Tom now have to sail at a boat’s length distance parallel to the windward- leeward- line to the buoy and then shoot up to it. Jenny does not think about it for long. She recognises that Captain Sailnator and his powerboat are windward to the buoy. She observes the waves that hit the buoy and tries to stay away in a distance of a boat’s length to them. When she reaches the level of the buoy she shoots up to it and calls the command: “Release sheets!”

She follows the boom with the tiller till the boom is in the middle of the boat. Unfortunately she misjudged the distance and drove beyond the buoy. So Tom backs the jib on starboard. Jenny keeps on sitting where she was and pushes the tiller away from her. The wind pushes the boat backward and turns it. When it is abeam to the wind, Jenny and Tom haul the sheets again and go for to try it a second time.

At the second attempt Jenny shoots up perfectly head to wind. But this time she started from too far away. Maybe the wind got stronger too. Anyway she does not reach the buoy and gets stuck in front of it. Captain Sailnator encourages her and assures her: “Next time it will work for sure, Jenny! And it does indeed.

Suddenly Harbourmaster Peter arrives with his powerboat. He is wearing a pirate’s costume and threatens to enter the boat of Captain Sailnator. But the Captain only laughs about the old man. He tells Peter he better should go to London and visit the Notting Hill Carnival instead of frightening the seagulls here. Peter seems to like the idea and catches the buoy with his sword.

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