Jenny, Tom and Captain Sailnator leave the dock. Harbourmaster Peter wants to follow with his powerboat to keep an eye on them, but Captain Sailnator has removed his spark plug.

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Jenny and Tom are supposed to show the audience how to tack. In the first attempt Tom pulls the jib to the other side too soon and they do not get through the wind. Captain Sailnator explains: “Only trim the jib when it already has wind from the other side! So, try again!” But even on the second attempt tacking does not work. Jenny moves the tiller too early to the middle and gets into irons. But Captain Sailnator is confident that it will work next time. And indeed, it does work.

Captain Sailnator is satisfied. Jenny and Tom sail around a little bit longer. The captain wants to have a look what Harbourmaster Peter is doing. At the jetty he throws the spark plug towards Peter. But it falls into the water. Peter is angry. Particularly because Captain Sailnator forgot the buoy out at sea again.

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